-- Nomadic Mood

Being out of place and maybe time had me wondering on and on. What can this be like ? Off boundaries of some cosy and familiar easy nest.

Natalie Keyser by Rupert Tapper for Black #13.

Translated by some senses that exude wildness. A NOMADIC MOOD is being highlighted by how urban & civilized rules are running every single minds. Be dirty, toe-free, be the essence of savageness. 
How far can we go through pathetism to reach liberty ? 

As a matter of fact - we still have editos. And a few seconds of escape. Lost beauty on printed randomness. 


J-20 or so ..


Call Of The Wild

Given Music. Maybe more : shared. 
Some kind of listened pleasure, soft and sweet - but still - groovy and PLAYED.

A good everything, somehow&sometimes embellished by my BIG favorite FredFalke.

Thanks Madame ! 

Breathinbreathout - In-spi-ra-tion.

http://10muses - thanks.

¨¨ALL hail COLOR, here's the WINTER.

// Its been a while -

Beautiful Calm Driving. Fury moments. Warm lust.

Fabiana Mayer by G Prado


:: D*mn.

Designs by the ELLE + RISD Fashion Next finalists, as shot by ELLE photographer Dan King. Une alchimie d'architectures visionnaires.

Lien Tong

Sheridan Irwin

David Yoo

Sheridan Irwin