Sylvia Plath's own way.

Here in this valley of discrete academies
We have not mountains, but mounts, truncated hillocks
To the Adirondacks, to northern Monadnock,
Themselves mere rocky hillocks to an Everest.
Still, they're out best mustering of height: by
Comparison with the sunnken silver-grizzled
Back of the Connecticut, the river-level
Flats of Hadley farms, they're lofty enough
Elevations to be called something more than hills.
Green, wholly green, they stand their knobby spine
Against our sky: they are what we look southward to
Up Pleasant Street at Main. Poising their shapes
Between the snuff and red tar-paper apartments,
They mound a summer coolness in our view.

Above the Oxbow - Sylvia Plath.

An Afternoon throughout inspiration

Have you ever - suddenly - felt so inspired by someone you could do whatever it takes to spend everlasting minutes aside his thoughts ? 
Or blend your thoughts in his, as a shelter of culture and imagination.
Duncan Hannah in his own paradise - my own paradise being that special smile.