I am sorry for not harrasing my little diary with newness - but pictures. Words couldn't actually come out.
And I must admit I've been running (fast) out of inspiration.

I have been quite sad maybe. I've been staring a lot at my own tiny troubles. I am sure I am not the only one these days - coming up with a cheesy, pathetic ending love ( love ? really ?!) story.
But there you go - my mouth and mind have been dried out of their usual daily thoughts.

Well, now that I feel kind of emptied of  lovely feelings, I may re-start talking about how inspiring loneliness can be. Great.
No - really - it's been a tough time, and I still have to be patient for the bad feelings to fade a little away.
If anyhow you think of an escape-trip, please let me know. New York being the #1 Therapy Destination - I am afraid my wallet isn't going to appreciate it though.

Maldivias being a good alternative. Do-not-hesitate.

ANYWAYS - funky business coming soon. PROMISE.

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